Thursday, June 21, 2012

Twenty Days of Zucchini

For the past week or so we have been dealing with a zucchini onslaught.  It is at the point that every time I peek under a leaf and see one I inwardly groan.  I also think my neighbors are starting to avoid eye contact with me out of fear I will force more squash on them.  Something has to change!

So, I am embarking on 20 days of zucchini.  Each day, for twenty days, I am going to make something different using zucchini.  I have combed the web and found some interesting recipes.  I am already excited about this.  I hope my family gets excited too.

My zucchini Pinterest board.

To help me keep track of my potential recipes I am using Pinterest.  I created a board called What to Do With That Glut of Zucchini where I can pin recipes that look like they have potential.  Click on the link to check out the board and the recipes on it

** Since you need an invite to join (but not view) Pinterest, let me know if you want one.  Just leave a comment with your email.

I have more than 20 recipes on the board.  I figure this gives me choices depending on my mood and what is available.  I will try the ones that have the most comments and repins.  I'll also report back to give you the highlights and lowlights.

I actually started the challenge three days ago. So far, so good.

Day 1-Zuchini Tots!  The zucchini tots were an attempt to fool my daughter into eating a vegetable.  As part of the ruse they are called "super cheesy yum-yums" in her presence.  No mention is made of the Z-word.  The good news is it works.  They taste like tater tots and she gobbled them down.  The downside is they stuck like crazy to a well-greased non-stick pan (all the cheese).  After the 20 day challenge is over these have a place in the rotation.

Day 2-Pink Zucchini Smoothie.  See yesterday's post for a report on these.

Day 3- Zuchini Feta Pancakes.  These were already in our zucchini rotation.  They can be a little time consuming but I love them.  The family is lukewarm about them, except for my daughter.  Someone mentioned the Z word in her presence and she has refused to try them.

Tonight I am thinking about the zucchini and red onion flatbread.  I'll report back in a few days.


  1. Super cheesy yum yums sound great to me. Maybe I could trick my kids into eating them.

    1. There was definitely deception involved in this endeavor. I even had her brother keep her out of the kitchen as I made them.

  2. Very smart. When my daughter was little I convinced her to try enchiladas by telling her the green chiles were little apple bits and the sauce was ketchup. Moms have to be creative sometimes. Good luck on the zucchini recipes. Sadly I don't like zucchini so only grow one plant each year... it's the most productive plant in the garden too!


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