2012 Summer Garden Totals

Last year my husband suggested I would spend less money buying food from supermarkets than I spend on gardening.  Since I am pretty frugal, I decided to see if he was right. What better way to evaluate this than seeing how much food you produce? I went out and bought a food scale and started measuring how much food I produced.  Even though I started in mid-July I still came out ahead.
Because I am also compulsive I wanted to get an idea of how much I produce in an entire season.  Below are my running totals, starting with our first zucchini, for what comes out of the garden this summer (2012).

The only items not included in the totals below are herbs and the handful of blackberries we are getting from our 1 year old bushes.
Picked our first zucchini on Saturday, 5/26.  

Last updated 9/8.


Zucchini                      96 lb.   5 oz.
Cucumbers                  58 lb.   1 oz.
Peppers                         9 lb.   7 oz.
Pattypan Squash        62 lb.    8 oz.
Eggplant                    46 lb.   11 oz.
Tomato                     187 lb.   0 oz.
Shelled Beans              1 lb.    4 oz.
Tomatillos                    25 lb.  3 oz.
Pink Eye Purple Hull      4 lb.  15 oz.
Cantaloupe                      8 lb.  4  oz.
Pumpkins                       44 lb.

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  1. Zucchini are always a great way to tip the garden cost vs. store-bought scale to your advantage. That's a big reason that I actually grow them, they make the garden look inexpensive. ;)


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