Friday, June 8, 2012

Get Your Greens on Seed Swap

If you start transplants from seed, and you are not a commercial grower, chances are you have way more seeds than you will ever use.  This is especially true if you like to try new plants each year.  In the past 2 years I have acquired 5 types of lettuce, 3 types of chard and 3 types of kale.  Considering I never have more than 12 of any of these in the garden at a given time, that is a lot of seed sitting around with nowhere to go. an attempt to find some of my seed (and some of yours) a good home, I am hosting a Get Your Greens On Seed Swap.  Participants in this seed swap will exchange seeds for cool weather greens (e.g. lettuce, Swiss chard, kale, collards, spinach, mizuna, mustard greens, arugla, etc.).   Yes, it is June but it is never too soon to start thinking about your fall (or spring) gardens.

So heres da rulez for da swap:

  • Since this is a swap you have to give some to get some.  No freebies.  Send in some seeds and and you will receive some in return.  There is no set number.  If you can only send in 1 type of seed that is fine.  The more you send, however, the more you get back.
  • You can swap both hybrid and heirloom seeds.
  • Seeds can be purchased or saved.  If saved, they must be heirlooms.  No saved seeds from hybrids please.
  • No seed older than 3 years.  If you send older seed you may want to include more to offset decreased germination rates.
  • No mixes.  Only one type of seed per packet.  The only exceptions are for traditional mixes like Bright Lights Swiss Chard, mesculin mix, etc.
  • Include around 10-20 seeds per packet.  We are not trying to help anyone go into commercial production but do want to give enough that they can try a few of something they aren't ready to buy.
  • Put seeds in sealed small envelopes (plastic or paper is fine).
  • Clearly mark envelopes with the name of the plant and the year the seed was purchased or saved.
  • The envelope you send your seed in should be a bubble mailer.  It needs to contain return postage (either stamps or moolah, your choice) and a label with your address that I can stick on a bubble mailer of my own.
  • Deadline for signing up is June 25.  Deadline for getting seed to me is July 3.
If you are interested sign up by sending me an email at  Once I get your email I will send you my address, so you can send me the seeds.  In the email please tell me the seeds you are sending, your address and any preferences you may have.  I will try my best  to accommodate your requests but realize I won't be able to give everyone everything they want.

You may also want to post what you are sending or your wish list in the comments.  This may entice some folks to participate and send in what you want!

Looking forward to swapping seeds with y'all!


  1. I'll start the comments. Here is what I have to swap:

    Lettuce: Buttercrunch and Freckles
    Chard: Bright Lights, Fordhook Giant, Bright Yellow
    Kale: Lacinato, Red Russian, Beira

    1. Just remembered I also have some Bloomsdale spinach to trade!

  2. Oh,nooo I just purchase the same varieties:beira,red russian,laccinato,and bright lights:(

    1. Some other folks have already signed up so you should still participate. You can get something you do not already have!

    2. Looks like fun. I will have some pok choi, Vates collards, arugula and hopefully some others to trade.

  3. Join the Facebook group Grow Share Charlotte. Great seed exchange and tips.

    1. Thanks for letting me know about this. I just joined.


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